A multi-award winning operator that delivers unique spa experiences in diverse locations, SPA Cenvaree prides itself on offering guests the highest-standard therapies by the best-trained therapists. Our first spa opened 25 years ago and since then, we have grown to become one of Asia’s leading spa operators with a portfolio of over 35 spas in South Asia and the Middle East.

Thai massage, Thai Spa

Well Thai massage is not new in modern Spa therapy as it has been in existence from 2500 years ago and it has been started by Buddhist monks in Thailand. However if you are going to get first time in Spa and massage then it is not ideal for you. Thai massage generally work with density which focus on pressing muscle tissues. Riwigo is well known Spa and wellness center where you will get effective treatment. With the gentle pressure the flexibility of your body is formulate. It helps you to relive joint stiff and muscle tension. It also allows maintain the balance the energy level of your body. All masseuses are trained and they understand how to heal your wounds and injuries. Thai Spa massage is not only a physical therapy but it has the root of spiritualism. So feel the soothing touch and get new way of life.
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