How did spas come about and what are its different categories?

29 Apr 2017 riwigoadmin

Dating back to the Roman Era, when tired by wars, troopers of their legions would take rejuvenation, relaxation, and treatment of sore wounds through the water.The best cure for wounds and tired muscles was considered to be hot, natural spring water. So they started building baths around naturally found hot water springs or hot water wells and these were popularly called ‘aquae’. 

The treatments undertaken at these aquae were known as ‘Sanus per Aquam’  and SPA is taken into account to be an acronym – which means health by or through the water. While others believed the name derives from the Belgian town "Spa", where a natural hot spring was open to the public to take a bath as a way of self-healing. Because of its benefits, it rose to fame among health enthusiasts.

Spa Categories

According to International Spa Association, there are different categories of spas and listed below are the seven categories:

1.Destination Spa: Resorts centered on spas providing the guests with a healthy holiday programmer that includes spa treatments, physical fitness activities, holistic exercise classes, wellness lectures and healthy cuisine.

2. Resort/Hotel Spa: Located in a resort or hotel offering spa services, fitness classes and spa cuisine alongside fewer health choices like steaks and burgers.

3.Medical Spa: AKA medispas are known for offering traditional spa therapies as well as medical services in a relaxing and luxurious spa environment.

4.Day Spa: Spa treatments exclusively offered on a day-use basis. It may take only half an hour or an hour.

5.Mineral Springs Spa:  Spa services at a natural spring, offering hydrotherapy treatments.

6.Club Spa: Day spas located in a fitness facility or health club.

7.Cruise Ship Spa: Spa treatments, fitness and wellness components and spa cuisine menu choices made available aboard a cruise ship.

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