Tips for Songkran.

11 Apr 2018 JenRiwigo

Songkran is one of the most important events in whole Thailand. This Festival occurs during Thai New Year Eve and originates from Indian Festival of Makar Sankriti. Songkran derives from Sanskrit word which means to move or to pass. The festival is celebrated during the 13 to 15 of April of each year.

But why is called water Festival ?

It is called like that because people during the ancient times would go pour scented blessed water to monks then the locals would collect this water as it was believed that the water was blessed and poured it to other people. 

As a festival of unity, people who have moved away usually return home to their loved ones and elders. Paying reverence to ancestors is also an important part of Songkran tradition. 

However one of the most distinguishing feature of this celebration is the water. During the celebration of this event people would go out on the streets and have a water fight with each other in a funny way, All the streets get busy with people who go out and have fun while soaking all the people that would walk on the streets. 


Some of the best areas where to celebrate Songkran Festival in Bangkok are: Khaosan Road- the famous backpackers area in Thailand and Silom Area- where the roads will be closed to traffic. 


Here are some tips from Bangkok.com15 Tips for Enjoying Songkran in Thailand:

1.    It’s all just fun, so don’t get angry.    

2.    You’re going to get soaked. Just accept it.

3.    If you want to stay dry, stay inside.

4.    You might get daubed in a grey-white paste made of scented powder and water. It’s harmless, but stings if it gets in your eyes.

5.    Say: “sawadee bee mai”. It means: “Happy New Year!”

6.    Sunglasses will protect your eyes from water and the mysterious paste.

7.    Use a waterproof pouch (cheap and widely available) to protect valuables.

8.    Don’t wear white – it goes see-through when wet!

9.    Monks are highly respected in Thailand, so never throw water at them.

10. People riding a motorbike could have an accident if suddenly soaked.

11. People riding tuk tuks or songthaews are sitting ducks – lock and load!

12. Avoid driving motorbikes during Songkran. Use four-wheeled public transport or walk.

13. Secure your valuables in your room and be mindful of any you do take with you.

14. Avoid swallowing the water being sprayed at you – you don’t know where it came from!

15. Wet tiled floors will be slippery, so be careful of your footing.


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