Aromatic Healing

26 Nov 2017 SonamDolkar

Essential oils have been a huge part of many cultures for centuries. The use of aromatic oils both for healing purposes and religious purposes have been seen all around the world; from China to Persia, to Greece. All of which have carried this ritual for generations as a special healing process. Apart from general benefits such as improving immunity, balancing hormones and natural cleansing, each essential oil has a specialty benefit. 


Apart from its properties of relieving pain, chamomile is a great element to aid digestion and boost immune systems. Commonly used, Roman Chamomile has a gentle action of reducing irritated and dry skin, along with preventing digestive discomfort. 


Lavender is an analgesic and antidepressant oil that provokes a relaxed state. The main benefit of this oil is the reduction of stress and anxiety. Neurological issues like depressions, migraines, and insomnia are alleviated with the use of lavender as medicine. Apart from this its helped improve moods for ones who are suffering from a post-dramatic stress disorder. This natural stress relief oil is a great alternative to pills. 


Arrived from the leaves of Mentha Piperita, the oil is used as a home remedy to cure many illnesses. Peppermint oil is commonly used for muscles pain, headaches and fix your stomach problems. The pain relief oil can also be used for hair and skin health, as contains antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. It helps to eliminate frizzy hair and keep your body cool. Apart from cooling your body, the oil provides respiratory benefits. Whether this is from rubbing the oil on your chest or inhaling the oil, it helps decrease inflammation and prevents contestant. 


One of the most valued essential oils would be the Rose oil. Apart from its pretty smell, it has multiple benefits for skin health. The oil improves acne and reduces blemishes. Most facial cleansers, creams, and soaps include this essential oil as it’s known to increase your skin’s permeability. All of which reduces skin inflammation and leaves your skin glowing. 


Sandalwood such as Santalum Album is seen as a great antiseptic agent. Apart from internal applications to protect internal wounds and infections, it has great benefits when applied onto your skin, Sandalwood prevents the developing of infections and acts as a protecting agent of sores, pimples, and wounds. 

These are just some of the essential oils used in aromatherapy to improve one’s physical and mental health.

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