A Thai Traditional Massage

26 Nov 2017 SonamDolkar

The famous Thai Massage that we all know well, what exactly is it? The ‘Nuat phaen Thai’ is an ancient healing treatment that combines the traditions of a massage followed by yoga postures. The practice is seen as a way of healing and was often used as a ‘medicine’ focusing on one’s complete well-being. 

The original practice uses no lotions or oils and the client is completely clothed during the process. The rubbing of muscles is done through several stretches, and body compressions; keeping in full contact with the client and the masseuse. In a traditional sense this is supposed to be done in complete privacy, allowing the client to feel at absolute ease; though, in today’s world, it has become an act that’s done in large groups in an open environment. 

The course of the massage follows complete serenity assisted by the change of postures. The treatment’s aim is to circulate blood flow to improve muscular flexibility. All of which starts from the feet, gradually moving up to the client’s head. This is meant to promote the ease of muscle strain and to boost one’s mental state giving them a temporary change in mood. Get to experience this authentic nationwide registered massage in one of the many spas around Bangkok. It is definitely worth a try! 

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