Best Six Spa Etiquettes

23 Apr 2017 SonamDolkar

A guide for those of you making your first spa visit and a checklist for all regulars out there:

Do: Make A Reservation.

First things first, if you want to enjoy your spa experience be sure to make a reservation, in order not to be disappointed when you get there without an appointment and learn they are booked for the day or even closed for some reason.

Don’t: Bring your phone.

We see a lot of people trying out digital detox and there’s one place where you can try it out for yourself - the spa. It’s hard to relax when you are constantly answering calls, texting and checking emails, furthermore it disturbs the person next to you. So what most spas do is recommend turning off your cell phone and some even go to the extent of won’t allowing you to bring your phone to the spa only to make your spa experience more relaxing.

Do: Communicate

Communication is key, and at a spa, it is necessary the guest communicate their needs and wants to the service provider. The only thing the guest needs to remember is that they are paying for the relaxing service so you shouldn’t hesitate to let the service provider know what you need in order to enjoy the treatment. You can ask for anything from more pressure to even a blanket if you are cold.

Don’t: Come Late                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The whole point of a spa experience is to relax as mentioned above, so if you are running late for your appointment, not only are you stressed but you have also missed a part of your treatment so always make sure to be there at least 15 minutes before the treatment begins. Arriving early will allow the guest to mentally prepare for the service such as getting a tour of the facilities, finding the locker, turning off the cell phone, changing clothes, enjoying the refreshments, and filling out client information forms, guaranteeing a smooth spa experience.

Do: Eat light before a service.

Try to eat an easily digestible snack such as fruits or yogurt before a service. By doing this, when you lie down for the service you can avoid feeling unwell with gas, nausea or an upset stomach. Thus, this allows you to enjoy the service.

Don’t: Get up right after your massage.

Getting up right away can cause dizziness so try to relax for at least a few minutes after the service is done and take a few deep breaths.

We hope you will have an amazing spa day following these tips.

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