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How riwigo works? is  Online SPA & Massage, beauty, and makeup Booking Platform with the listing of best and popular Spa, massage, beauty salon, wellness and others. At Riwigo we create special time-based promotions and offer some of the best deals you can ever get. These special discounted Spa services are backed up by an easy-to-use mobile app.You can browse the website and mobile apps and search and or filter in various ways example categories, services, packages, locations, spa or service provider name, city, price wise, ratings-wise, etc. Secondly, you can view promotions and discounts based on services and packages. Just click services and packages tabs to view available menu items, time slots, and discounts. Thirdly, select your preferred time slot and discount, service items and number of guests. Review your selection and confirm.We suggest you register for quick booking process and keep yourself updated about promotion and news.

Where can I view/update my personal details?

Mobile app – You can view or update your personal particulars under ‘my profile’ which can be found by clicking into ‘more’.Website - you can log in to your account and click on my account to view "my profile"

Can I change the audio sound of the in app notifications and if so, where?

Yes, you can change the sound between ‘none’, ‘phone default’ and ‘riwigo sound’ which will be found under 'notification sound' in Settings.

How can I view spa in other countries?

Riwigo is available in Thailand currently. We are bringing more cities soon.  However you would be able to choose different cities.Mobile app – Choose between our spa partners located in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya by selecting the different cities in the drop-down list located at the top right corner of the navigation bar.Website - On the right corner of the top menu bar is the drop-down list for you to switch between cities.

How can I change the language?

Mobile app - Switch between languages simply by changing the language at Settings.Website - On the right corner of the top menu bar, there is an option to switch between Thai and English.

How can I review a spa or salon?

After attending the booking you can visit your account page, click on my reservations and select any of our attended bookings to rate and review the venue you attended.  You can rate your experience on a scale of 1 (very bad) to 5 (excellent), or even leave a comment to share your experience with us.

How do I claim my prize after attending my reservation?

You will receive a follow-up claim prize email within 24hrs after your reservation. Please do check your spam mail as well.

How do I key in a promo code?

We are working on bringing several promotions to you soon. Please keep checking riwigo. We will provide the promo code field in mobile apps and website where you can use these promo codes.

I made a reservation and arrived at the spa at the correct time but the spa is refusing to accept me and/or give me the agreed discount!

Such instances might happen because services provided by spas and beauty salons depends on various factors. We always try to reduce such cases. However, in the unlikely event that it does happen, please inform us via phone or email and we will try to resolve the situation for you right away. We request you to provide us the correct email address and phone number.

What happens if I arrive early/late for my reservation?

As riwigo offers time-based discounts, punctuality is important for us. Based on our T&Cs, your reservations are guaranteed within 30 minutes of your reservation time. Anytime before or beyond 30 minutes, our spa partners have the right to ask you to wait or reject your reservation. However, if they do accept you, they are required to honor the discount that you have reserved for.

Can I make a reservation with a foreign phone number? If yes, how?

Yes, you can! Simply replace the default country code with your local country code, followed by your mobile number.

Does Riwigo allow cross country reservations?

Of course, we do! If you are going on a holiday to a country where riwigo is present, you can always plan out your relaxation spots and make those reservations in advance.

Do I need to print the confirmation email out?

There's no need for that, but it’s always a good idea to keep the email/sms notification in case of any confusion at the spa.

Do I need to provide my credit card info at any point?

Our platform has two modes of payments for reservation confirmation. 1. Pay at spa/venue - In this case, we don't ask for your credit card or any such information.2. Pay online - Few of our popular partner merchants prefer prepaid bookings as they keep busy and they want to make sure every booking is paid in advance. In this case, you will need to pay online using credit or debit card as the case may be. We don's save any credit card information though. No, never!  

What happens if a time-slot is sold out?

A sold out slot means that the maximum number of seats for that time slot has been fully reserved. However, there are always cancellations and reschedules so do continue to check back for the latest updates on your favorite spa! We do not guarantee a reservation   even though you get instant email for auto confirmation by default. You have to wait for a reply from our support team and/or the merchant for final conformation. 

How long in advance can I make a reservation?

Usually most of the merchants accepts reservations from1 to 3 months in advance. 

How many reservations can I make?

The maximum number of active reservations at any time is set at 3. Concurrent reservations are disallowed.

Do I need to register with riwigo to make a reservation?

It is necessary to register in order to make a reservation.Your account allows you to make and keep track of all your reservations without having to validate your contact details repeatedly.

Why do I have to cancel my reservation instead of just not showing up?

Canceling your reservation beforehand helps our spa to manage their staff & seats. Not showing up for more than 3 reservations will get your account suspended. Be kind and take a second to cancel if you cannot make it, we have made it easy, it is literally just two taps.

Can I edit/cancel my reservation after confirming?

Sure you can! There are 2 ways to do so onlineClick on the ‘edit/cancel reservation’ button that can be found in your confirmation email. Cancel the existing booking and rebook.Click on ‘my reservations’ in the app and edit/cancel your reservation from there.For offline and group bookings please contact +66 988311708 and

Can I make a reservation for a group size larger than what is available?

Yes it is possible. In the event where you would like to reserve for a group size larger than what is allowed, kindly drop us an email at and we will try to arrange the group bookings for you.

Is the discount limited to the items listed in the ‘service menu’?

YES, the discount is limited to the items listed on riwigo platform only. The prices shown in the service menu on riwigo platform are inclusive of taxes and service charges. When you select a combo of time and discount, net price is calculated to make it easy for you to view and compare. 

What does a reservation on riwigo really include? Is there any hidden charges or fine print?

As you know spa and beauty venues menu is primarily divided into single services(a-la-carte) and packages. Package durations are usually longer than single services. Riwigo provides you the convenience of selecting services or packages and book in advance to avoid waiting time or fully booked issues.riwigo offers as ‘%’ discount off on commonly used services and package items which are listed on riwigo platforms on the web and mobile apps. Please remember spa and beauty venues can offer limited seats per day. Riwigo discounts may not apply to any other services or packages offered by spa and beauty merchants.riwigo discounts may not work in conjunction with any promotions a spa or venue might have which includes credit card promotions. Should an existing promotion ever be more attractive than a riwigo discount, you can choose to avail of the promotion rather than the riwigo discount.riwigo prices shown are priced inclusive of VAT-7% and Service Charge -10%. There are no hidden charges or taxes. After the riwigo discount applied your booking amount will be the actual amount you are required to pay. 

How do I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made on our app and website.Pick your preferred spa.Select the date and the time when you want to go to the spa. Select the number of guests as per available seats.The time you chose will determine the discount you are getting to take a good look to see what the best option for you is.Log in or register to continue. Review your summary and confirmYou will receive an email & SMS with your reservation details after confirmation

What is riwigo?

riwigo is the popular and probably the easiest and simple reservations platform in South East Asia offering real-time discounts of up to 60% or more off on services and packages offered by spas and beauty salons, every day!  Just select the date and time and make your reservation. Your discounts will be automatically applied to your selected services and packages. Moreover, all prices on riwigo platform are inclusive of services charges, taxes, etc. You will pay what you see. No fine print and no hidden charges. Reserve through riwigo and you will never have to pay full price for your wellness.

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